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Calling All Virgins!

Are you thinking of a rebirth for your chemically treated hair and want to transition back to what nature gave you? Well– this transition can be one rocky road so know you will need some support.

The growing out period can be traumatizing to your hair and even your self-image. Trust me I have gone through it. I had to learn to be patient and kind to my hair and my soul. I tell women don’t think or say negative things about your natural hair or what you see in the mirror. Remember the media has tainted the image of natural hair and we believed it. IT’S NOT TRUE!

Quoting Mr. Al Sharpton “we wear our oppression on our heads everyday” Once you decide to go natural I suggest you have a plan. Figure out your approach– the big cut or slowly trim off the chemical. Seek a professional’s help.

I tell my clients let's play with different styles: straw sets, rod sets, even natural looking extensions are fun, mix it up. This will help the process go smoother. For more info you might want to pick up “Thank God I’m Natural”. This book is a must-have guide and it will give you more inspiration to follow through with your change. Good luck and stay positive.

Be Natural!



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